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Welcome to ESKA Finance – future of MSME lending

We provide credit with a simple and fast loan process through leasing and hire purchase programs. Our algorithm looks at you – not just your credit score.

At ESKA Finance, we specialise on financing new and used machinery through loan, leasing and hire purchase programs for: personal autos, LCVs, trucks, construction machinery and agricultural machinery across EU.

Our expertise in financing passenger cars, commercial vehicles, trucks, agricultural machinery, and construction machinery has made us a reliable partner for micro and small businesses.

We are not a broker. We finance with our money. That means that we have an individual approach for you. We understand the challenges that stand before truckers, farmers and construction contractors that banks and leasing companies don’t understand.

Our Financial Services

Auto and Machinery Leasing

ESKA Finance offers easy, fast and affordable financing for entrepreneurs all over EU. Whether you need a passenger car, a commercial vehicle, or heavy-duty machinery, our leasing solutions are designed to meet your specific requirements.

Our scoring model is built on AI algorithms that look at the bigger picture – machinery we finance, your background, your experience and your potential. We do not focus on your past performance as conventional banks and leasing companies do. We focus on your future – your ability to make profit with the machinery that we will finance for you.

We have a team of professional managers for every type of machinery we finance: autos, commercial vehicles, trucks, agricultural machinery and construction machinery. We are not an ordinary bank that doesn’t know anything about trucks and excavators. We are an experienced, specialised direct lender. Our managers will become your trusted advisors in financing the machinery you need and choosing the right machinery for your type of business.

Auto and Truck Loans

ESKA Finance offers traditional auto loans, truck loans and loans for agricultural and construction machinery across EU. The loan application is simple and fast. Our competitive interest rates and flexible repayment terms make it easy to finance the assets that you need for your business development.

Hire purchase financing for trucks, machinery and autos.

With our hire purchase programs you can finance the trucks, vehicles or machinery you need within one day.

With hire purchase you own your truck or other machinery from day one. You get individual monthly instalment. If you want to buy a commercial vehicle or machinery – hire purchase is the best answer.

Spread your payments over time and enjoy the benefits of owning your assets with ESKA Finance.

Why Choose ESKA Finance for Your Vehicle and Machinery Financing?

  • Competitive rates and flexible terms
  • Expertise in a wide range of industries
  • Tailored financial solutions to meet your needs
  • The transparent and straightforward application process

Choose ESKA Finance for reliable and customized financial services to help you acquire the vehicles and machinery needed to grow your business.

How to buy used trucks, agricultural and construction machinery abroad?

Are you wondering if you can finance a used truck or tractor from abroad? With ESKA Finance it is easy and hassle free.

We are all used to buying goods online in instalments. BNPL is available on every online store now. Why buying and financing machinery abroad should be any different? We offer B2B BNPL services for used machinery sold in any EU country.

Often it is challenging to find a model you are looking for in your country. Some markets are just bigger and offer better choice or a cheaper option. Buying and financing machinery from abroad allows you to get the best price with unlimited possibilities.

And we make sure that you can buy and finance the machinery hassle free:

  • our team speaks almost all EU languages and we can contact the seller for you
  • we offer a detailed technical and documentation report on the machinery
  • we make sure that all papers are in order for transportation, customs and registration of the machine
  • we make sure the payment is secure
  • we organise the transportation for you with our own logistics department

Get Started with ESKA Finance Today

We help entrepreneurs from every industry to start their business.

Truck financing for starters. Construction machinery financing for starters. Strat your courier or taxi business with us today.

We offer leasing for your truck, vehicle or machinery as a starter.

If you are interested to start your life as an independent entrepreneur, a truck driver, a courier, a taxi driver or a construction contractor – we are here for you.

Are you ready to take the next step in securing your financial future? Contact our team of experts at ESKA Finance to discuss your unique needs and find the perfect financial solution for you. Don’t wait any longer – get in touch with us today and make your dreams a reality.