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Leasing of trucks

used truck leasing | downpayment from 10% | available to starters and immigrants
Leasing of trucks Leasing of trucks
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    min: 10% 10 max: 70%
    Financing term
    min: 12 month 12 max: 60 month
    Leasing of trucks
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    Hassle free truck leasing for everyone

    Being a trucker is a hard business. That’s why applying for financing shouldn’t be making your life harder.

    Easy and fast: fill out our simple form and instantly receive your financing approval.

    For everyone: private entrepreneurs and companies, starters and business looking to expand. Bad credit history, no credit history, immigrants, foreigners – you get a chance. We look at the client – not just the credit history.

    Everything: leasing of used trucks up to 12 years old.

    Everywhere: choose any truck from any dealer or seller from any EU country. We take care of the rest – check the truck, deliver and finance it.

    We offer financing for new and used trucks and trailers up to 12 years old hassle free. No documents or business plans. Just simple form you need to fill in, instantly receive your financing approval and start your business.  

    Leave us a message or apply for financing your truck now. Let’s grow together!

    Financing opportunity Leasing of trucks
    Leasing of trucks
    starting business, no credit history, bad credit history - you get a chance
    Leasing of trucks
    15 MINUTES
    for a credit decision
    Leasing of trucks
    down payments starting from 10%
    Leasing of trucks
    we deliver your truck within 5 days
    Leasing of trucks
    up to 12 years old
    Leasing of trucks
    of trucks across the EU
    OUR PROMISE Leasing of trucks
    Leasing of trucks

    Fast and affordable solution for used truck lease. We are not an ordinary bank or leasing company. We are a different kind of financial company. We are a specialised lender. We understand truckers, as well as trucks – how they work, and how they break. We offer flexible hassle free leasing programs for new and used trucks for MSMEs. It doesn't matter if you are just starting a business or already have experience and looking for growth opportunities. Companies founded by foreigners and immigrants - get our loan approval. Entrepreneurs with no credit history, bad credit history, good credit history, minimal income - we give everyone a chance for starting a business and contributing to economical growth. We focus on your business and the truck you want to finance. No frustrating papers and business plans - just fast and hassle free financing.  Let's grow together! 

    15 minutes
    Our application process is fast and simple. It takes 15 minutes
    5 days
    We promise to finance and deliver your truck in 5 days max from application day.
    Any EU transport
    You can choose a truck from any EU dealer
    Friendly and accessible
    We finance micro and small sized businesses; entrepreneurs with minimal income, starters, companies owned by foreigners and immigrants
    Better profits
    We are focused on second hand truck leasing. They are cheaper than new and do the job leaving you with more profit
    Independent technical check
    You can safely find a truck outside of your local range - we do an independent technical and document check and delivery from all over EU
    Leasing of trucks
    With us, you don't have to fill out a bunch of forms and applications — we focus on small and micro entrepreneurs, which is why we offer the fastest service. You can sign the contract with us online, without leaving your home.
    Leasing of trucks
    Benefits of financing from ESKA Finance Leasing of trucks
    The approval process takes an average of 15 minutes, the conclusion of the contract does not take more than 2 hours
    Leasing of trucks
    Find your dream truck
    You can find your ideal truck on our web site or ask our manager to help you
    Leasing of trucks
    Fit to your budget
    Our monthly payments are transparent - you can find the right truck with the right monthly payment
    Leasing of trucks
    Fully online
    Receive your financing proposal, credit decision and sign your contract online
    Leasing of trucks
    We help you with technical and document check and delivery of your truck
    Leasing of trucks
    Fast start
    Within 5 days we finance and deliver your truck ready for business
    Leasing of trucks
    Your future is in your hands
    Start earning income with your truck tomorrow
    Compare Leasing of trucks Leasing of trucks
    Eska Finance
    Credit decision time
    15 minutes
    2 to 14 days
    14 to 60 days
    Official income verification
    Truck age limit
    up to 12 years
    up to 5 years
    up to 3-5 years
    Early repayment without penalties
    Truck location
    All EU
    Local country
    Local country
    Truck delivery time
    Up to 5 working days after down payment
    Up to 2 weeks after down payment
    Up to 3 weeks after down payment
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      Frequently asked questions Leasing of trucks

      Why is ESKA Finance different from my leasing company?

      We are not a credit broker or big leasing company with one approach to all clients. We are a specialised lender – we understand the challenges that stand before MSMEs and we understand the machinery we finance. We can tell the difference between a DAF truck and a MAN truck and definitely we know a difference between a rotary and conventional harvester.

      Our staff will help you choose the machine you need. And we do cross border leasing for used machinery.

      No one else can offer such service.


      Who can get a leasing for used vehicle from ESKA Finance?

      Anyone. We offer financial leasing on used and new vehicles, trucks, construction and agricultural machinery to every entrepreneur in EU. Starter, experienced entrepreneur, family business, business set up by immigrants – we create a financial solution for everyone. We can help you find a perfect machinery or you can find it yourself – we will offer you a perfect leasing payment that will allow your business to grow


      How does ESKA Finance work?

      ESKA Finance provides fast and hassle free lending to MSMEs: financial leasing, hire purchase, asset based loans. We are the first pan-European lending company offering cross border financing for micro and small businesses for used vehicles, trucks, agricultural and construction machinery. We offer financing for those who have no credit history, good credit history, bad credit history. We offer inclusive financing for foreigners / immigrants and refugees to help them integrate in EU and create a better future. We help starting entrepreneurs to take possession of their future. We offer hassle free financing solutions to everyone across EU. And we do it very fast!


      I chose a vehicle, filed the application, signed the contract, but the dealer sold the vehicle in the meantime

      This situation can happen, though it is very rare. Don’t worry, we have the biggest database of machinery and vehicles in EU and our managers will find you and alternative. But if we don’t find anything – we will return the downpayment in full amount.


      Can I get a loan or leasing for a commercial vehicle to work in a taxi or Uber/Bolt?

      Yes, we provide loans and leasing for vehicles that will work as a taxi.


      How soon can I drive my car?

      It depends on where you choose to buy it and where is your country of registration. You will receive a credit decision within 15 minutes. If the car is in the same country as you are – you will get it within 3 working days maximum (5 days if we are talking about trucks and machinery).

      If you choose the vehicle or machinery from another country it depends on the transport speed and availability, it can take from a couple of days to a week or two.


      I want to buy a car from a friend. Do you provide loans for cars not purchased from a dealer?

      Yes, we offer such an opportunity.


      Who can be a supplier in a leasing deal?

      The supplier is a legal or natural person who, in accordance with a sales contract with the lessor, sells the property that is the subject of the leasing. For example, this could be a car dealer from whom you plan to buy, a transport company or just a private person.


      Can I pay off my loan or leasing early?

      Yes! There are no penalties for early repayment.


      What is the payment schedule?

      It will depend on the terms of your leasing contract. We offer individual terms taking into account your business situation. Usually, these are equal and regular payments throughout the entire term of the leasing contract.


      Can I extend the leasing term for a car?

      Yes, you can. We will prolong your contract on the same terms.


      Do I need to show proof of income?

      No. We also do not require any other documents regarding your solvency. We are lenient towards existing loans and other financial obligations.


      Can I get leasing from you if I already have loans from banks or other leasing companies?

      Yes, we are lenient towards any other financial obligations, including loans, and are ready to finance you.


      What is the maximum leasing term?

      The maximum leasing term is 60 months. We want to make things as convenient as possible for you, as the longer the term, the lower the payment. This will make it almost imperceptible and super convenient for you.


      Can I buy used machinery or a car in Germany and get a loan in Slovakia?

      Yes. You can choose machinery or a car from Germany or any other country, and we will finance it and deliver it to Slovakia or any other EU country. Cross border financing is our speciality.


      Are used machinery and vehicles financed on the same terms as new ones?

      We offer individual terms for leasing new and used machinery and vehicles.

      Any machinery or vehicles that are up to 15 years old can be financed on comfortable terms for you.


      What are the criteria for used machinery and vehicles?

      Leasing of used machinery and vehicles is carried out under the condition that the age of the transport does not exceed 15 years at the time of signing the contract. No other company in the EU will offer you such conditions, but we offer and finance it.


      Is leasing available for individuals?

      Yes! We finance legal and natural persons, micro-, small, and medium-sized businesses. So if you need a car on lease, we will definitely find the best option for you.


      In which countries do you operate?

      ESKA Finance is a financial company with 15 years of experience and operates in almost all countries of the European Union. We offer leasing and financing solutions to small businesses in Austria, Belgium, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, France, Croatia, and the Czech Republic.


      What documents are required?

      To apply for financing with ESKA Finance, you will need to provide a passport and/or an extract from the trade register.

      Don’t wait to start your trucking business – lease your truck with us today! ESKA Finance offers various flexible leasing solutions for used truck finance. Our team has more than 15 years of experience in selling trucks, truck business and banking. So we are sure to offer you the best leasing and financing options for new and used trucks. At ESKA Finance we know how hard it can be to find a right truck for you. We offer a solution – buying a used truck online and financing it online without leaving your home. We have gathered a team of professionals to help you choose the right used truck, check it, deliver it and finance it for you. We offer used trucks leasing from all over EU – you can be sure that we can find the best truck for you. But not only that – we do an independent technical inspection to make sure there are no hidden risks, we handle the delivery, we offer hassle free financing for used trucks for everyone and we handle the insurance and registration issues. And all this with just a few clicks online.

      We know trucking business. So you can expect us to be a trusted advisor and an expert in everything that comes to trucks. We know exactly what you need. And we can guarantee every entrepreneur to finance used truck hassle free.

      We are present in all EU markets, that means you can buy a used truck from any seller in any EU country and we can finance it to you in any EU country. We can always guarantee fast and reliable financing fr used trucks, tractors and trailers. Currently we are financing used trucks to clients from: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain. 

      We make used truck financing easy. Our simple application form takes only minutes to fill out. And you receive your credit decision within minutes online. And if the response was confusing – you still get a chance, call our team and we will go into details to understand your story. We finance starters and businesses with bad credit history or no credit history. We finance immigrants fro truck purchase. We give everyone a chance for a better future!

      We know how hard it may be to receive a loan from a bank or a leasing company. So we offer financing for micro and SMEs, start-ups, immigrants and everyone who is looking for a hassle free financing of used trucks, trailers and tractors.

      We listen to your story – so we can offer you the best possible financing solution. We always try to offer financing possibility for used trucks for our clients. We provide full transparency – there is a down payment, there is a monthly payment. And in the end of the leasing term – the truck is yours. No strings attached. And you can be sure if you need to finance a used truck quickly – we are here for you. Credit decision on 30 minutes maximum. And we promise to deliver and finance your truck in 3 to 5 days maximum. We have created special financing programs for most popular truck brands:

      • used DAF leasing for starters
      • used MAN leasing
      • used Scania leasing
      • used Ford truck leasing
      • used Mercedes truck leasing
      • used Volvo truck leasing
      • used Renault truck leasing

      Commercial truck leasing is the best answer to truckers needs. At some point a truck driver has to decide if he wants to continue working for the company or drive his own truck. Renting a truck can be expensive. You will be giving away significant amount of your earnings to a truck rental company. Turn to ESKA Finance to lease your truck and trailer. Leasing is a popular way of financing new and used trucks and trailers. We finance everyone from single owner of a truck to a company with a fleet of more than 15 trucks. There are a number of reasons why trucking companies use leasing financing for buying used trucks. Tax advantage – buying a truck with financial leasing you will be able to write off the expanses and save money on taxes. The leasing payments are transparent and fixed – bank loan can have a fluctuating interest rate. You will not be able to know the payment amount up front. With leasing – payments are fixed for the whole period. You can always manage your monthly budget and that is important for truckers. Flexible – leasing is a very flexible instrument. Truckers who are just starting can finance their truck with leasing financing.

      We provide easy truck financing for companies with no credit history or bad credit history. Our managers will help you with finding and choosing the used truck. And will guide you through financing and purchase process which is as easy as buying your daily bread. With ESKA Finance – you are dealing with an experienced and trusted advisor in capital truck leasing. We are a specialised lender for trucking industry. We know everything about trucks. And we know how to finance used trucks easy and fast. If you are a truck driver and you think you can’t get truck financing because of bad credit history, ESKA Finance can get you back on the road. We provide used truck leasing for starters, truckers with bad credit history or no credit history. You can get your loan approval today! We listen to your story. And we get your truck financed quick and easy. If you want to see how easy truck financing can be – fill out our simple application online or give us a call! We will get your used truck loan approved and you will start earning! Let’s grow together!